The start-up’s leveraging this ideation and planning tool would be better enable their start-up through thorough planning. Whilst the business canvas is a widely used and a hugely important business modelling tool, the start-up frame is different in many ways and builds upon the business canvas foundation by introducing design thinking use cases. The start-up frame has been tested in three boot camps by more than 265 participants. The areas of development were identified with input from the boot camp participants and any learning has been incorporated. The entrepreneurs going through the process of the start-up’s would be greatly benefitted. They will be able to model their business operational and long-term strategy on one page. It provides them an opportunity to plan each subsequent plan in the frame on the basis of previous conclusions and responses. Since the frame poses questions it would trigger creativity and innovation in devising their business strategy.

Investor’s financial investment decisions is crucial and holds the keys to the success of a financial outlay program. The start-up frame can be utilized by the individual start-up’s, banks, accelerators and incubators to help their start-ups to model their plans and present to potential investors and stakeholders. The importance of time effectiveness at the pre-start-up stage is of essence for entrepreneurs and the frame facilitates this through its step by step approach to planning a start-up from ideation to identifying forecasted ROI. It will become an effective analysis tool to enable investors to make their finance investment decisions, as such adding value to the decision making process. Pitching process for the start-ups would become elaborate, precise and ease the tasks of the judges.

The educational institutions teaching start-up related courses and tools would be able to take advantage from the diversity of the information released on the frame. The frame could be utilized by start-up’s in any field and can be placed on blogs to download in excel sheet or word format. It is recommended that it is used via a computer to input the data and is then printed. A4, A3, Arabic and English versions will also be made available.