The inspiration behind the development of this work comes from various people. First and foremost is the last prophet from Allah, Muhammad, who taught helping others and peace among many others. I believe that assisting people to get into business and become the owners of business is special.

The able guidance, support and leadership of the university president, Dr. Haifa Jamal Al Lail is a big inspiration. She has not only been instrumental in achieving what university has, but she is a shrewd Maternalistic style leader that has made her an exemplary trailblazer, a motivator and a planner. She is target oriented and a great people carer. She provides the people with opportunity to prosper and rewards the team members with what they deserve. I take my inspiration to work, from her and put in best possible efforts to compliment her plans and institutional goals.

Dr. Malak Al Nory our provost motivates a lot of people at the university. She is on a mission to further enhance the university image and reputation. She works tirelessly, with great fervour and zeal. She has been a source of motivation to faculty, staff and students alike. I am very happy to be part of her team working for good of the university. 

A huge impetus to work creatively comes from strategy Gurus’ like Michael Porter, Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, Alfred DuPont Chandler, Baybrooke and Lindblom, Peter F Drucker, Abraham Maslow, Igor Ansoff and many more.